Old school portable TV (fairly frequent updates)

Sorry for the lack of detail, but it’s obviously a WIP.

Lighting, textures, and environment are temporary until the model is finished.
Some pics of my progress so far:
http://img93.exs.cx/img93/6749/tv1.th.jpg http://img93.exs.cx/img93/6628/tv2.th.jpg http://img93.exs.cx/img93/772/tv3.th.jpg

So far I think I have about an hour or so into this.

Oh yeah, I am using a reference… it’s sitting next to me :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C welcome


ok, this is my ref from about the same angle as those pics.
Sorry it’s so bright, i tried to fix it (it was worse! lol)

try to model this panel on the right side and front, btw. looks nice


right now i’m working on hte side thing and the knobs. then i’m going to do the 5 buttons on the front and the window thing that tells you what channel you’re on

Small update


AWSOME stuff man.

this is the kind of thing that would be really really cool to have avaailable in the Blenderman model archive (or another model archive)

really nice stuff, i love the old-school

p.s. if you want free image hosting with easy uplaoding, then feel free to sign up at the blender gallery hub http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz its totally free and easy to use. i don’t know how it compares to the free hosting you are using currently, but it does aloow for hotlinking, and also automatically generates thumbnails for you (maybe your current stuff does too)



That is a good looking model. I can just see it showing a brodcast in an animation. Blender TV perhaps?

Can you share your modeling technique? Would you be able to post a wire frame from the view port?

Again, really good modeling.

ah… I really dont have a defined technique, lol
I work off the “just do it” method. I must admit that this is the most i’ve ever used “face loop cut” though.

Example: sometimes i start a model with a cube, sometimes witha plane, sometimes with a single pont. This time, I started with a UV sphere (heh, figure that one out)

Wireframe (without subsurf on)

Heh, looks like you guys get a preview of dun dun dun the antenna
LOL I dont want to post a non-render wireframe… I’m embarrassed how many verts there are ATM

Oh yeah, Alltaken… i was planning on using Mudpuddle when I’m done with this as like a personal portfolio, and using ImageShack for WIP pics. the only reason i think I’m going to use 2 hosts is that I don’t like to have unfinished works in my portfolio… but I suppose I can change later on :slight_smile:

you can create a sub-album, for WIPs.

infact it is often advantageous to be able to show WIP’s to clients, them seeing your thought process is what they often want, having them seperated (in another album) but available can be a pretty powerful tool.

my last employer wanted to see more of my WIP’s and less of my finals.


I’m 15; needless to say, my current employer is a farmer. Farm work is fun :slight_smile:

Finished the antenna and some things you can’t see on the back.

I love your modeling and your idea but your lighting seems to be a bit intense. I think it would be to your advantage to set the sky color to black and perhaps lower the energy of AO or set it to Both. Right now its hard to make out the profile. I love this model though, it brings back memories of… wait I’m only 21 it doesn’t bring back memories of anything.

Thanks for sharing. I’d still like to see to wireframe from the view port. No need to be embarrased, it’s a strong model.

Small problem:

I think my hard drive is dying. It’ll like click off and back on quickly, and then my comp will freeze. the last time it did it seemed pretty bad, and now i cant even boot up (in windows anyway…)

If i cant get it working again, i fear im going to lose this and all my projects…

Oh yeah, desoto, like i said… the lighting (and probably the use of AO) is only temporary until i’m done modeling

hum, it appears that the drive isnt dead yet, but i can’t boot windows from it, only linux, and that freezes after about a half hour (although the drive doesnt get all clicky.)

Anyways, i installed XP on a 4 gig drive i had lying around an i can acces the files from the original drive. I’m now in the process of backing everything up, so i may not update for a little while.

upload your blend files to http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz

then you have a backup of them. (just don’t post giant stuff LOL)


I recently purchased a 750 MB zip drive to do rapid backups for just this reason. Its going to come in handy I have a feeling. If you want a replacement hard drive you should frequent www.hot-deals.org and look at some of the prices they have there. I found a 120 gig drive real cheap on there a couple days back so you might want to consider it :slight_smile: Storage is CHEAP these days folks and there’s no excuse for losing your hard work (especially not laziness :P)

Or you could just go to http://www.newegg.com/app/manufact.asp?catalog=14&DEPA=1 like i plan on doing (when i get $$ - my parents don’t want to spot me the 200-something for a 300gig drive lol)

man I can’t wait until someone puts quantum hard drives and quantum computers on the market… once that happens, we’ll have computers so fast and hard drives almost infinite. I hate waiting.

I cant wait until they get DNA computers to work. There would be limitless possibilities! (just think, all of the information about you is stored in a single strand of DNA. And, every cell in your body has DNA.)