Old-School RPG or TD? help me choose please!!

Hey guys!

I’m stuck for project ideas right now. I’ve started a tower defense game but it has no room for any good story telling or character development so i kinda got bored of it. Then I decided to make this character for a sci-fi Zelda style RPG game, Which i would love to attempt except ive got no story to tell. Now i just donno what to work on.

What would you guys like to see? Here’s some caps of the character, as well as some from my current progress on the TD. Please help me! :smiley:



Tower Defense:

Amazing visuals! I love the art style!

Personally I think this could make a cool adventure game. I could easily see it being a platformer… maybe even a shooter/platformer like Jak. A Zelda style game would be cool too but it seems like there’s a lot of those lately and they never get finished.

So ya, my vote is a platforming adventure game.

the model have a medium quality, and the scenario needs a litle more work with the textures.
Try to increase the character polycont.

I don’t think so, I think the character looks just fine how it is. The ground in the TD game looks fine from a distance, but could use some higher res up closer, maybe just for the normal map.

I’d say go with tower defense…

I’m likin’ the platformer idea, anyone got any good examples i can check out? I’m thinking game mechanics like psychonauts style

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Psychonauts is just such an awesome game! Good luck with this one, I’ll be following your progress :slight_smile:

Please dude stop making me envious bout u :smiley: jks
the tower stuff graphics looks great and its like my dream game when it comes to my first game developing goal…
and the character poly count looks good from here too :smiley:
i would pick the The Dawisch idea which sounds kool for me ^^
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