Old School RPG Type Game (WIP)

Hello all, I haven’t been on the forums in a while, and yesterday, I re-discovered blender :yes:. So, naturally, I started messing around, and here is my result. About 7~8 hours of work. I’m not sure if it’s going anywhere, and I don’t really have plans for it, but hey, who knows?

Mouse - Rotate
W - Forward
S - Back
A - Strafe Left
D - Strafe Right
Right Mouse Button - Defend (stationary or moving)
Left Mouse Button - Attack (sword attack when still, shield bash whilst moving)
Space - Jump (only stationary at the moment)
E - Ranged Attack (a plane at the moment, haven’t decided what to use)

Still to be done:
Better graphics
Some form of environment
More characters/enemies
Larger variety of weapons
Smarter AI
and more… :confused:

There’s a functioning enemy, and by functioning, I mean an IQ of 15, but he still tries to kill you. Don’t be fooled though, he makes it hard to finish him off ;).

No story as of yet, but I might post one later or something.

PLEASE inform me of any bugs/glitches you find, because multiple coffees plus a late night doesn’t always result in the cleanest demo :o. Crits, hints and tips all warmly welcomed as always. :rolleyes:


-Wilkie :evilgrin:

V1.0: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3VVB6XET


Quick update, game is moving into a more RPG-type direction.
Still no idea where this is going.
Character choices:


Added an experience and level system, im re-writing the damage script to increase minimum and maximum damage every level. Still needing to work on an environment and more enemies. Started new characters’ animations.




(P.S Kill the boxes for XP)
(P.P.S Feedback?)


Ha, ha, sweet! Those are pretty cool looking characters you have there. I’m downloading it now…

Thanks, tell me what you think whenever you try it out.

Added bowman animations and new ‘E’ special attack for him. I’ll add a new exe. in the next day or two. Working on magician at the moment.


something is missing ant that is zlib.dll i downloaded and open it and it gived me error you should put that fail to the folder and upload again.


It looks pretty nice. ^^ I just started an Mmorpg.
If you want to you can also join my project.


Anyway, good job so far. =]

ps, I can’t play your game cause i’m missing some dll files. But it looks really nice

Hmm, okay thanks. Next version I’ll either include all the dlls or just post a .blend. Thanks for the support so far, I’ve finished all three character choices with animations, experience systems, and each had a unique special attack. I need to get one bug sorted out before the next version.


Link for folder including both the EXE and all necessary dlls (I think). If anyone finds another problem, tell me so I can fix it. This version only includes warrior and bowman, with an new special attack each (‘E’ key). Left and right arrows to select, and enter to choose. I need to finish off animations for the mage, as well as a few logic problems I’m having. After this, if I get positive feedback I can begin the actual game.
Thanks again,


P.S gamemaster, your game looks awesome, I’ll pm you about helping out.
P.P.S. The special attacks both have a cooldown. The warriors’ is twenty (20) seconds and the bowmans is twelve (12) seconds; so should you press ‘E’ and nothing happens then it is not ready for use.
The next version (V1.3) will include a visual cooldown timer. Save?

What bug? maybe I can help.

there are still some dll missing but i will put them by my self.I don´t know could i upload than that winrar to the internet with the dll what are needed.

Ok i got ti work its reallly fun game to play you should make one map for the demo o something and more enemis.the camera was stuck to one place and you could shut only to forward.But keep on doing that game it will be better thane runescape cous runescape sucks

Ok, thanks for trying it out, and I’m glad you like it so far. I’ve decided exe’s are too much trouble, so as of today, any new updates will be posted in only .blend format. I still need to use file sharing sites because the .blends are too big to post directly. I know this is slow progress, but I’m trying. I’ve made a few very subtle changes. This .blend includes the warrior and bowman on 2 different scenes. I didn’t inlcude the magician yet, and I’m not entirely sure if I will at all. I might end up deciding one character and sticking to it.

I’m now about to begin a demo level, including new enemies, hopefully with better AI, and maybe a few puzzles to solve or something. I’m not sure yet, I’ll see what happens.
Once again, any crits are most welcome, and the next update shouldn’t be TOO far away, but I am going to take a break for a day or two.



Temporary unavailable to download…