Old-school Volkwagen Caddy

Hi all,

Just started working on an old project again and thought I’d post it here, maybe get some critique and ideas of what I’m doing right and wrong.

It’s a Volkswagen Caddy from the 1980s/1990s (not very sure since I didn’t pay great attention to my references so it’s not be an exact replica) party modeled in 3ds Max but now continuing it in Blender since I was converted as soon as 2.5 came out :).

So here it is:

First, a test render

And now some wires.
I’m sorry for the poor quality of these but at the moment I’m still not sure how to easily do clay-wire renders in Blender. The entire car has sub-d off, but some of parts (the ones modeled in max) were exported with the turbosmooth modifier applied (so dumb of me) and thus now have quite high polygon count and are a bit difficult to work with. However, since I’m making this for render only I’d rather continue with it like this than have to remodel anything.

your mesh is to dense at the fenders. the door area is good. also the bumpers have way to many polies :slight_smile:
but overall nice job, keep going :slight_smile: