Old Seaman Portrait - Don Gaetano

Hello everybody,
my name’s Davide and this is Don Gaetano, an ol’seaman which is a friend o’mine!
Even if i’m really not into character modeling, I felt pretty inspired about this, and gave myself a try :wink:

Since i’m addicted to low polu stuff, I’ve tried to keep it simple and punchy, looking for some oilpainted illustration style. Just 5k verts, almost only toon/diffuse node materials, rendered in Cycles (2500px * 3500px) at 300 sample, it took about 5/7 min to complete the render.
After adding freestyle lines and some PS post processing, this is what i cam up with! :slight_smile:

C&C are welcome!


Old Seaman Portrait - Don Gaetano

Here they are some WIP screenshots if you are interested in looking in the making of it :slight_smile:

Old Seaman Portrait - Blender Viewport - Front/Side

Old Seaman Portrait - AO Render - Cycles 100 Samples

Hey I dig the style! Just wondering, is that the fabric filter from GIMP?

Maybe this angle would work better:

Really nice resut !

The oil style effect is in Photoshop! I dunno if there’s some filter/preset to achieve this, i just work on multiple layers by adding some canvas and brushes textures, mixing them with with the original render until i get the perfect mix! :slight_smile:

I really like the style of this render. When I look at his beard, it almost looks like part of the canvas is separate from the rest. Some might see that as a negative, but I like the visual effect it has. Good job.

Uhm, that’s interesting!
I’m gonna try to make another using this prespective! Thanks :°)