Old Shed model


I would like to bring your attention to the picture above. I am attempting to make a game with fairly mid-detailed images in another engine. My time seems to be wasted pressing F12 alot to see how the rendering comes out. Is this normal?

This model has about 6 different textures all the same wood material made by blender. I’m using a variety of Col, Nor and Spec options to get it looking differently, but with the same material. Any fast ways of getting the wood to look different (planks of wood look similar but not identical) would help. Also any comments on the picture would be useful.

I would plan to make a floor, sides and roof aswell… and I seem to be dulpicating objects, making new cubes and offsetting some vertexes to get it looking different. Some textures seem to strech or not work on the axis I’m trying to change, it seems backto front almost… or side to left …

oh and I know about OS :stuck_out_tongue: OSA seems to make some things look like plasticene.


well I think I was in that mood of ‘gah I feel so rubbish’ that I posted. I can now add another Wood texture to it to alter the shading… and a cloud tedxture on top to make it appear different and mess on with the colorband. I was just messing with one texture and the scales / off settings so maybe I didn’t have enough to work with. But you see what I mean by repeating textures on the back wall?

I can imagine it just takes time and the more you do these things the quicker you get at repeating the technique.
off to bed I go.

If anything, You’re waisting you’re time with the textures period, if you’re planning to make a game out of it. Take some pictures of old boards, go into gimp, and make a texture for you’re wall, and uv-map it on. if you use a png or a tga, then you can simply put trasparancy between the cracks in the boards, and you will have a verry nicd old run-down shack.

eh, that’s until you run out of photos to take images from;. I thought the materials belnder made were ok.

I could use alpha maps for the texture, and I can say it’s a good idea. I 'm using a program called DogWaffle that allows me to do alpha.

Maybe I could create a huge texture in Blender with a wooden material I have made, take that into DogWaffle and take pieces from that?

what bannerboy means is that if you’re planning to make your game use your models (not just the renderings) (thus it is a 3d game), then you should use bitmap textures rather than those made through blender’s material editor with algorithms (they are called procedural textures). Doing what he says, it will be much(!!!) simpler to import your model into your game afterwards…

As far as wood textures are concerned, on the contrary I think that the web is not fully exhaustive and that there are lots of wood textures out there. And if you don’t want to use photographs or textures taken/created by others you can still try and find some tutorials on how to create a wood texture (and those are easy to find) in photoshop, gimp, paint shop pro, corel i don’t know what etc…

And if you want a mix of several types of wood you can still mix several layers of wood textures in a painter program or in blender (but in the latter case you’ll have to do maybe some work on the programming side or when exporting your model for the game)