old smile

Hi! I’m working lately on such a model. What do you think about him? It’s regular box modeling, without going into sculpt mode. My tablet refuses to work with my computer and it’s hard to sculpt with mouse. I can show you the grid if you want.


That’s just box modelling?! Holy crap!

Nice work :slight_smile:

Perhaps the corners of the mouth need a bit more work though.

This looks really good, if this is a realistic character that you are aiming for then that smile shape is wrong. That banana shape concept of smile that people tend to draw comes from the world of cartoons in a real smile the corners of the mouth don’t raise up like that. Just watch yourself smiling in a mirror or google images of people smiling. The corners of the mouth should be lower than the top of the upper lip in a realistic smile.

Thanks. Yea, you’re right. I improved it a little bit, but still need work on it.

I know what you mean. But this is the intention of the project. Large shapes will be a little cartoon. But the details, tekstry, sss, etc. will be realistic.

Thanks for the feedback. Below you have the grid. I’m constantly working on it and soon I should have a finished model. The grid is going to begin more complicated. But I will upload it when I have more changes. Personally, I can not wait until I turn off the symmetry modifier and crooked little nose, eyes and so on.

Grid reveals the entire topology. If you have any suggestions. I will be happy to hear.

A small update. Quick clay render in blender internal. What do you think about balloon head idea?

And wire:

Any suggestions?

balloon head is creepy but i like it :smiley:

hehe :smiley:

I added teeth and a little color in this test render. Probably I will remove part of the teeth, and I will add real balloons far in the distance. I’m trying to set compositions. I think this is pretty good. Leaving space at the top I want to suggest moving the head up. Gentle angle gives some dynamics. What do you think? Any advice?

So surreal. I love it!

Thanks. Now I’m fighting with materials and textures. My laptop has broken down. So get tired of it on the old computer. Below the first tests. Teeth, string and background still intact.

I still have to add hair. What do you think?

This is looking great with the materials! :slight_smile:

This is an interesting concept. I like it! With him pointing upward though, he looses the look of a smile.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re right. Initially, the smile had to be the main topic. Still, I’m not going to change the composition now. But it is a thing to remember for the future :wink:

Thanks for your feedback.

Quick update:

This looks beautiful. I think in this last render his skin feels slightly more rubbery. I think a hybrid between this and the previous version would hit the mark. The highlight on the eyes stands out because of this because it is quite sharp, it almost feels like a blur has been applied to everywhere but the eyes and teeth.

Truly outstanding work though, A nice refreshing idea too.
well done.

Yeah. Overdone post-production. I’ll fix it tomorrow. I am now going to do the teeth, improve a little the eyes, and add hair.

Thanks for the advice. I’m glad you like it :smiley:

The first approach to the background. I fixed eyes and I worked more on the post-production

Thats spot on! nice work.

super impresive.
Love your skin shader

Thanks :smiley: Shader is quite simple. I can show you the setting if you like.