Old sophisticated magician with bow tie. What's his name?

I remeber well over ten years ago watching TV and seeing an older magician grayish white hair, a goatee, a bow-tie and suit, and glasses. He looked very sophisticated and was very intelligent. He did mostly math tricks and mind tricks with medium sized groups of people. I think I remember him doing these tricks in a hallway, but I don’t really remeber. I was 3. If I had to pick someone to compare his looks to, off the top of my head, I would have to say he looked kinda like colonel sanders, but taller and thinner and more intelligent-looking. So…who is he? If I saw his face I could pick it out, but I wouldn’t know the name. It’s driving me insane.

Also there was a Mel Brooks movie that he starred in that had to do with the Nazi’s and hitler and the gestapo. I remember it because it was the first time I ever heard the word ‘diversion’. I don’t think it was The Producers. What was it?


I checked that earlier, but couldn’t find it. Then I checked it again(you know the rest). The movie is To Be or Not to Be(I think). That still leaves me wondering who that magician(prestodigitator) was.