old stool

Ok. , I post it already at the finished Project , but I think it is more apropriate to be here , as This picture is not finished yet …


This is a stool combined from Pictures found on the web… All the textures are from the Website of Lemog… His site is the greatest !!!

All the best ,

nice stool, but it looks like it’s sinking into the ground. unless the feet are supposed to be flat, just zoom way in when you position it on the plane.

Texturing looks good, has a realistic look to it. Are my eyes going screwy form gazing into the monitor too long, or does the top look really blurry like?

Nice stool though :slight_smile:

which site is for this textures(wood)???


I haven’t learned yet how to texture objects , because I am only on the begining of the road…

All the textures that I used here and the floor also , belongs to a great site of an artist named Lemog , this is his Website :


I haven’t found anyware on his website to thank him … but actually , I think that someone also talked about his website on Blender General… it is an amazing site really

Silver what do you mean Blurry ?

Also , I Have a problem with the camera , it seems that the front leg is a bit longer that the other legs although it should be the same … I think it is a problm either with the position of the camera or the Focal Lengh or the zoom? How do I fix it ?

All the best ,