Old Stories

Here are some renders I did between 1 and 3 years ago that I thought I might as well post because, even though they may not be the best, technically speaking, I still enjoy their stories and wanted to share them. They were made completely with Blender and Gimp. Enjoy!

Treasure, v. 2

Have you ever had a day when…

Come Away with Me

Here are some more

Thoughts in the Clouds

Open the Door

and some more


Shipping Nightmare

some are actually pretty amazing, I love the one with the suitcase, nice lighting.

Great job !

Thanks! The inspiration for that one was from how life can be such an adventure, and you never know what wondrous things are going to come next. You just have to open the door and embrace the new things while letting go of the old. Kind of like living life without regrets.