Old Style Radio

The model i been Working on for about a week is an old style radio to go with my bar/tavern scene environment. I been trying on many ways to make it look unique, so the only few’s ways i can do this is hand painted texture or using materials for this one. For the general shape of the radio i

am satisfied by it. Any feedback is welcome.

depends on goals !
is it going to be high res almost photo realist
or medium res ?

do you have a reference photo to compare


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It will be about Medium Res and it would look like a vintage radio but different designs That would be my goal inbetween in terms of res. Thank you for your opinion.

around what year is this model ?

I did some old WWII radios

beginning to look nice

happy cl

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Around the looks of a 50s and 60s radio, but yeah you’re right about WWII radios. And thank you.

(update) still modeling and i added a nice stand for the radio.

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