old style stairway -- tests

Hi all,
I started this from an artist’s painting, it had lovely colours. I wanted to reproduce that / enhance it. Currently I am working on the lighting setups, some textures are temporary. Some things are to be detailed yet, this is a lighting / colour test.

This scene has currently 6 area lights, rendered in yafray.

whats with the footstool or w/e that is?? the old phones had to be at your head hight becouse the reciver and the pickrophone were literarly mounted on two parts of it

in my opinion it seems to dark and the phone itself looks WAY to simple to look realistic plus i think its missing the earphone piace

Hi vitaliy, thanks for the comments…
The phone is not mounted above the head height, I guess I have to look at the stairs height maybe its giving that impression, thanks!

The scene is ment to be dark, i mean scantily lit, just like the old doorways with one yellow lamp, but surely I will increase some intensities …

about the phone, as I mentioned before, some parts need to be detailed and textured, but the reciever comes on the other end (if following the model correctly) and I have got it too, if you focus properly you can see the wire coming out of the other end :D. I have to figure out something about that issue.
Anyways here is a less noisy, higher sampled version, update will have to wait a bit.


You should try and make your wall texture tileable, if it was seamless it would look more like wallpaper.

Nice atmosphere. Will this picture “tell a story”? Such as, the reciever is dangling and some papers are on the floor, as if someone just ran up the stairs…or something…images are always better, IMO, if there is a narrative.

Some comments:
-the proportion of the stairs looks kinda off. Treads should be about 11" or so, risers 7", and in an old house that might go to about 10" to 8". Certainly not 1:1, tho, which is what it looks like you’ve got.
-things not to forget as you develop this: base molding at the floor, molding at the juncture of the stair and the wall, handrail, nosings on the treads.

Obviously these are details that will make it look more realistic, but if that’s not the aim, then you can safely ignore me.:wink:

i disagree.
wallpaper is imperfect, just like in the image. i say the artists has done a good job emulating wallpaper.

I do think the scale on the steps is way off. see above.

hey everyone thanks a lot for the comments !
yes the stairs now fixed with a human reference thanks to MakeHuman, Thanks ! :slight_smile:

SamAdam: thanks I intended to do that, but I need to model papery partition to show the irregularity I suppose, I will be doing that soon.

here is an update

Yep, that’s more "old-house-stairway"ish. The human model looks a tad small in the picture, but I’m guessing he’ll be walking off-stage in your next update.:wink: In all, it looks proportional to my eye. Keep it comin’.

Also: the image comes out VERY dark, I had to flip out my monitor to see it at all.

Proportions are i bit off in my opinion. The phone, and the painting/picture on
the wall should be lowered. Also, the stair steps feel to high. I Recon they
should be about 25% lower than they are now.

Other crits:

  • The walls really need a skirting board/baseboard to be realistic.
  • As mentioned before, the image would be much better if it had a story to
    tell, a narrative.
  • The head of the footpillow/stool, doesn’t look like it’s connected with the
    lower part. Try working on decreasing that shadow.
  • Lighting. Sometimes, you might think, that simulating night light in 3D = no
    light really. It’s way wrong. When doing night light, you need to do bluish
    light in the shadows, thereby lightening the image much up, without making
    it look like midday. In yafray you might want to try to make your world
    background blue and use GI, or Skybox lightning. That’ll lightenen all your
    shadows up with a nice blue light. (Tip: also, if you want to have a little
    different style, experiment with making the world background color more
    green or red 'till it looks like you want it to).

Hope that helped in some way…

first off thanks for the comments guys!
well it was about time to add some dynamisim to the image, I wanted to make a happy scene here, so I decided this setup. The reciever is hangin down, the calender on the wall will have a date marked :wink: , the romantic disk will be there
and the diary ofcourse… more on that later.

Eku: thanks for the comments, yes fixing some lighting issues now.

The M.h.p.e.:
thanks for your crits ! great I tried some GI setups, it seems to be better now, will be trying some more stuff. Need some work on the wall too, thanks again.

here is the update / concept added
stairs also corrected a bit


a quick update

no GI in this render for speed


1 darken steps, no way so clean. Usually dark wood.
2 detail in the telephone




Hey thanks Alvarus !
I need to start detailing the phone soon :slight_smile: .
The textures here are mostly a placeholder to get the L&F and lighting approximately right. Better textures coming soon.

here is a gamma corrected version

This gamma thing makes a noticible difference to the scene.

cheers everyone.

Lookin’ sweet. The gamma really helps out.

Don’t forget those stairway details (base molding, handrail.) Maybe a carpet runner with those brass hold-down rods? I only point these things out because I think the stairway was originally the focus, but its fading into the background with the other details you’re putting in.

Spectacles. You need some old-fashioned eyeglasses in there somewhere.:slight_smile:

Minor detail: the stool has some sort of an odd divot in the front…almost like a mouth. Check the verts around there.

Abba? Really? If you’ve got a victrola you need something really old, like Al Jolson or Scott Joplin.

yeah, thanks, but I also need some fancy album covers, maybe but yeah thanks for the input I gotta put something like that in.


oh almost forgot,
thanks for those inputs, that stairway could definately use details…
ah and the spectacles is a good one too :slight_smile:
an update will be coming later this week (currently at office)


few tests,

with post pro:

a comment on the lighting of the picture: even if you try to achieve a nightstyle picture its much too dark (as mentioned in a previous post)

you told in your first post that you started this one from an artists painting. i think you have to take a look at that picture again, most artists are trying to avoid black in their pictures, even if they are supposed to look very dark. night effects are not about black but about dim contrasts and a color range differing from daylight pictures.

as a reference, one of the best ever nightlight pictures i’ve ever seen is in a cgsociety post that you can find at http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=233460
(compare the first and the second picture)

if you want to have more references just have a look at some stills of movies. you don’t need a cg picture of them, just have a look at the color schemes of any film. something else thats interesting in mentioning movies: a lot of the night scenes of old films were shot in daylight, with dim skies to achieve that shadowless effect. afterwards they’ve just been darkened in postproduction.

thanks for the suggestions LaPostal,
as of now I am driftin away from the original painting, I should get back to the drawing board maybe :stuck_out_tongue: