Old textures from older blender files keep showing up on new ones.

Hi there!

Started with Blender a few weeks ago and while trying to import fbx models to work with, at some point a custom texture from one just got “stuck” within Blender, wich means that every new fbx import of that same kind of model that uses that same texture “type/position/name” will just load the custom one instead of the original that come with the fbx file.

Tried everything I could think of (and googled it, but it seems nobody had this problem) and can’t fix this. Tried loading default settings, everything… and nothing works.

Any help will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Try this… Unlink all the unwanted textures. Whether or not you have any to unlink, go into the Outliner and change the display mode from All Scenes to Orphaned Data. If you see any textures or images listed, save the file and reload it again. Do this until they’re all gone.

Edit: Make sure that anything listed as orphaned data doesn’t have a green checkmark beside it. If it doies, click on the checkmark.

Yep, as Anthony says, it’s just donkey work going through and getting rid of unlinked and orphaned data. Check out the Orphan Slayer addon, it makes life a little easier, though you have to save and reload every time you remove orphaned data. I had a big problem with this in one of my old Lightwave scenes I imported into Blender. I do wish there was a more elegant of doing it, but this works at least. :slight_smile:

Hey there, thanks for the replies.

Got busy and kinda of forgot about all this for a while, now I’m back to try it again, but the sugestion didn’t work since it also looses the correct textures that should come with the fbx file.

Is there a way that I can reset blender? Tried to uninstall it, but after installing it again, it was all there like a default setting.