Old Timer

Long time no post !

After a '67 Corvette, posted about two years ago, here’s my second model ever, another sport car … from the 30’s : an Auburn Speedster from 1936


Modeled with Blender 2.23
Rendered with PovRay 3.5.

I still have to finish the inside, refine the textures, and add a scenery around it…

C&C welcome !


wow, that’s a great very detailed model.

The crome looks more like aluminium rather than crome thought. And the AA is too low…but that has nothing to do with that awesome model :smiley:

oo very nice job! great car choice

nice cars. I like that style.


Beautiful car! Excellent modelling job.

I agree that the AA is awful and it does detract from this. Hoepfully you can fix that.


Yes, indeeed, the chromes don’t look too shiny, and the AA is kinda weird, especially on the front view (I used the PovRay default).

Gonna try to improve.

Thanks you all for your comments !

P.S. : does anybody have some advice on how to model the headlights’ glass ? How could I get that bumpy glass aspect ?

Really nice!

For lights look for Caronte’s site, and his entry for the F! contest of this year, it has wonderful light glasses…