Old Towers

Modeled in Blender 2.65
Rendered in Cycles render
All comments and critiques are welcome


I like the atmosphere along with the modeling, nice job Matve.

I’ll second that. 'tis a very nice scene indeed. The ocean/lake is brilliant, and the fading from sky to mountains is perfectly subtle.

Did you model the mountains?

Really nice scene! Great job :smiley:

Thanks to both of you, I appreciate it:)

This is awesome! The detailing on the towers are incredible, the atmosphere too. One thing that I will say is that the mist in front of the right tower looks a little odd. But regardless, awesome job!

It’s decent, but the composition seems off to me. Maybe if You put the towers in different distances to the camera, this would give a more clear point of focus.

Nice, this is how I imagine Twins from Game of Thrones :slight_smile: just bridge is missing :slight_smile:

Thanks! The mountains are done with the ANT Landscape generator add-on.

Yeah, it doesn’t really have a focus point. Thanks for the critique!

Impressive atmospheric scene.Simple but effective.I agree about the composition comments.

how did you achieve the mist/clouds? are they photo overlays in compositor?

would like to see some screenshots of your scene.

is the grunge on the towers a seperate map to the brick texture? if so i suggest changing the position of the map on one of the towers as both towers currently are identical in their weathering which looks a little bit unrealistic and distracts from a great scene

It’s almost perfect. Congratulations.
I agree though that the composition of the scene could be a little better and the towers are identical.

Thanks, and I’ll take your advice to fix the problems when I have time:)

Very nice work, matve. I like the overall feel, you got it right. Composition bothers me a little, I think it would be better if you had something in between the towers, like some ruined wall, etc or if one of the towers was smaller than the other. Also the part of ground next to the right tower looks like a 2D plane, there’s no volume to it.

But you did a good job, water, lighting and texturing in general are very good :slight_smile:

Nice render, maybe you should add a few more close-ups so that we can see the towers a bit better :slight_smile:

Awesome scene.

Now all that’s left is to make an animation, perhaps water splashing against the tower, and like some closeups of old stones falling down from the tower…you know…

Here’s a fixed version. Hope you like it!

Nice I like your design on the towers :slight_smile: and the atmosphere is vary wall dun as is the background.

The only thing that looks a little of to me is the one mountain on the far right seems like it’s highlight is to bright. but that’s just me:D

All and All grate job! really captured the mood.