Old Traveler *updated*

Since I liked the sculpey model that I posted in the Traditional forum, and the concept it was based off of so much, I decided to go ahead and model it in Blender. Been working about an hour so far. Pretty happy with the result, which is suprising for me :wink: I’m really happy with my mesh as it is right now, nice and clean, at least in my opinion. But I’m always open to crits.


woot starting another project you gotta finish this one ok

good start the loops are perfect

he looks like an american indian tracker or somthing great start

Haha ya it’s about time I finish something. I really plan on finishing this guy though since I hope to use him as an example during my modeling presentation at the Montreal Blender Conference.

Here’s an update, don’t worry about the symetry of the wrinkles, I’ll get rid of that soon as I’m done with one side.

Small update. Added the shirt, buttons, and belt. Next up is the pants and boots.

Ok big update this time. I’ve added the pants, boots, more wrinkles, taken care of the symetry, and tweaked bits here and there. The beard is still a placeholder btw. I’ll be replacing it with alpha mapped planes soon.

great work only crit is

how does he get his boots on?

No difficulty there, well… now there’s not :stuck_out_tongue:
Added the staff, hands and did alot more work with the wrinkles.

I know I told you on IRC, but I’ll post it here as well.

The waist seems to be small in comparison to the shoulder width. Makes the proportions look off. I think the shoulder width is OK.

Model is very solid. Well done.


wow thats really good i think you should try to make the hat a little thinner.

Got a new update. Been working on texturing his beard. It looks like shit up close, but decent at this distance which is the closest you’ll see him in the final scene.

I don’t know if this is what you were going for but the beard looks rather amish. It starts a little too low on the face imo. Perhaps having a mustache connect to the beard would even things out a little.

On a similar note about the beard, it needs to be thicker, as right now, it has thickness because of texture, not layering, and it needs to be of layering instead.

Also, the hat seems to wide where it comes down onto the head, like it would blow off at the first little breeze. Perhaps its the shadows the hat is casting.

Really great, can’t wait for another update.

That is a very good model.

However there is something not right in the proportions.
I cant place it but widths are odd, even taking in account clothes.

Although I didn’t origianlly intend on the amish look, I quite like it. Not so sure about the mustache, but I might give it a go.

I will definitely try and work on the beard more. And now that you point it out, I agree about the hat, I’ll be sure to fix it :slight_smile:

I agree. One thing I’ve noticed is I think the armpits are too high. I keep meaning to fix them but I keep forgetting :expressionless:

Wow! this is looking eally great! my only crits:

The hair/beard should be white/have streaks of white or grey if he is older.
also, i think there should be alot more wrinkles on his face… you can use these to set his personality. i.e. laugh lines vs. frown wrinkles… you may be able to normal map these unless you are making an animation.