Old, weathered cowboy for animation

Not really looking for C&C, just thought I’d share my process as it goes along. This is for an animated commercial for one of my websites. I modeled this to match a sketch I had done last week, then did some hi-res sculpting for details. Today, I painted the diffuse, bump and spec maps. Next up is… eyes? Maybe the whiskers/eyebrows/eyelashes. I still have to finish out the texture painting, though.


It’s shaping up nice. Are you using Blender to paint the textures?

Updated. Finished the texture painting and added a specularity map. Also added beard, eyebrows and eyelashes. Teeth next, I suppose, then eyeballs and a hat.

Using Photoshop and a cheap-o pen tablet for painting, though. Blender’s paint system isn’t even close to good enough.


Impressive facial hair!

Eyeballs and a hat.


Whoa. he’ll look awesome, especially in an animation.

his ears don’t look weathered tho… They look nice and shiney :smiley:

The facial hair is primo, excellently grizzled :smiley:

Nice hat, too. I had one like that many (many) years ago. Used to wear it prospectin’.

should make the eyes a little yellow

This is looking really good! The texturing and hair is excellent. Modeling of the lips and ear need a little finessing yet, and maybe the rims of the nostrils.

That’s small stuff though, the only thing that really stands out are the eyeballs, which seem too cartoony as they are. A bit smaller and deeper sunken, smaller irises and pupils, and Ph4de is right that the whites need more color variation (maybe a phototexture, with such a detailed model!). Also, a Clouds texture applied very slightly to the Nor on the cornea makes a subtle but notable difference in the realism of the specularity.

Wow. And people say Blender’s no good for modelling stuff like that…

Yeah – the eyes. I just pulled 'em from my last project, which was fairly cartoony. I need to make a set just for this.

Looking good Harky ! Loved the skin and hat textures. How did you get that beard ? looks really nice…

<malefico whispers> we want more…more…more…<//malefico whispers>

All new eyes with hand-painted textures and teeth. On to the body and clothes, I think.


May I see some wire frame pictures? As well as a picture of the weight paint for the facial hair =D

Here you go…


He needs a six-shooter.

You must have a wacom tablet, no?

That looks very good, I guess it’s easier to weight paint on higher poly models, more accurate. Very good, I see no flaws in the overall topology and edge flow.

Only thing, is his ears need more edges and dropoffs. Other than that very pro work!