old western train

hey all

just practicing my model (i havent touched blender in a while :frowning: ). anyway here is something just quickly put together, what do you guys think?

might make an old western style town in the background with the in the foreground at a station or something. anyway way C+C welcome

(and guys im still working on the project so dont worry :slight_smile: )



Very nice, I can’t really comment on the accuracy of the mechanics but it seems very believable.

mpan3: thanks for the comments. the mechanics probably arent realistic but im not going for that, just doing some modeling to get my skills up :slight_smile:

here is another update:

tried something diffrent here, i rendered a .tga out with not mats or AO and painted the colours on in PS. took some time (and its still not done) but i like the way its coming out. C+C welcome :slight_smile:

i could do this in blender but i want to expirment with diffrent stuff in PS and also i can add dirt, rust and other layers really quickly :slight_smile:


Well it seems your moddeling skills are refreshed. well done, btw how did u get that nice looking metal material (the black)