Old Wineglasses

This was my entry to my second competition - “Photorealism” on BlenderGuru (and my firt post of artwork here on BlenderArtists) and I’m very happy to reach the group of finalists … :smiley:

All done in Blender and Cycles ( … and hundreds of variations with lights and objects)
At the end a little postwork with PS to get the grainy vintage look.

The idea for this images was taken by a picture of Bertrand Benoit - but he did his awesome render with 3ds max and corona and his image is really really photorealistic.

C & C are welcome!


very good. I like especially the glasses. It is nothing I could really said. May be on background on the left hand side. It is a lamp? It look a bit weird and thus distractive. Otherwise, perfect.

Well done! The overall body of the image is very well executed, there’s a painterly feel to it. The only thing I can think of is the dark red object to the right, can’t make it out to be plastic, metal or glass.


well done… how many samples?

I really love this image. Simple but very photorealistic and one of the best items in the competitions. Only thing is that is a litle bit noisy. Can you share the lightning setup?

The glasses are amazing! Would you share the node setup?

Thanks for your comments.
@nerobtf: Yes, this “thing” in the background is an old lamp

@marcus70: samples: 550 - the idea was to create an image with an old vintage and grainy look - so I don’t need more samples. I tried one render with 1200 samples but the result looked “too clean”

@lucblend: lightning setup? hm … yes of curse I can share … but this is nothing I’m very proud of … after tests and tests and tests the result looks very chaotic and could be done much better. The main light is an enviroment shader (HDR) in the world settings, a sun light from left and three stop lights.
I have to say that all objects are placed in a large cube (simulates the room) with a small “window” on the left side.

@FredHystair: setup is the floral ornament of the two glasses on the left. the other two glasses were made in the same way with other images.