Old wooden toy truck.

Latest render:

I recently modeled an old toy truck which I am now working on putting in a scene. I would love some comments and thoughts on it.

Here is the render, composited in Blender and further post processed in Gimp as of yet:

Without Gimp (with AO, DoF, vignette, and chromatic aberration done in Blender):

To do (in no particular order):

  • Add 3d atmospheric dust. The dust added in Gimp looks pretty good, but I’d like to add some in Blender so I can get a nice bokeh on it. I’ve been thinking of putting this in it’s own separate file and rendering out the image and a z-buffer so I can use it any time I want.
  • Add various details to the truck: hood ornament, door handle, steering wheel, etc.
  • Add some paint and decals to the truck. My original mental image for this project was for the truck to be painted and the paint chipping off in parts. So I first created the underlying wood shaders, planning on then masking a paint shader over the wood. But I do kind of like the natural wood look, so I will probably put out two final renders at the end: one with the truck painted and one without.
  • Possibly add some more things in the background, I am not sure if I like the completely empty space behind the truck or not. I don’t want to take any focus away from the truck itself.
  • Darken the shadow under the truck. Currently it kind of looks like the truck is floating/glowing, the shadow just doesn’t look as dark as it should be. I would love some tips on doing this without affecting the lighting on the truck itself; weather in the compositor, shading tricks, or whatever else you can think of.

Please let me know what you think needs improvement, should stay the same, etc. I would really appreciate some feedback!


Hi Peter, that’s already a nice image and a lovely project.

But I think you would do the viewer a favor if you’d bring back some sharpness and clear view. Everything is very blurry at the moment. And the first render looks as if there was some motion blur involved, perhaps due to a too strong chromatic aberration especially for the ground.

I like the idea of a painted truck. But the wooden one would also work nicely.



  • Painted truck.
  • Major lighting changes. The previous lighting setup did not work well with the paint.
  • Added dust in Blender.
  • Added hood ornament and door handle.
  • Dialed back the chromatic aberration.
  • Fixed the front headlight being out of focus.
Here are a couple more versions:

Without 3D dust:

Without Gimp post-processing:

As always I would love some critiques and comments. In particular do you like the added dust? Keep in mind I am going for an old/worn out/forgotten feel.


looks good! very nice! :slight_smile:

Very cool. Only thing that bothers me a bit is that paint should be chipped in more expected, protuding areas.

Small Update:


  • Paint mask now incorporates edge scratches.
  • Removed strange out of place glare/puffs from front grille (caused by dust texture added in Gimp).

Thanks for the reminder! I meant to do that but forgot.

Lovely atmosphere and rendering Peter!
Makes you feel nostalgic in a really nice way… like you went to your parents house for the first time in a long while, found an old forgotten toy and were flooded with sweet childhood memories. :slight_smile:

Keep it up! I also thought you could have a few things in the background but not too many. I was also thinking that the light source (presumable a window) could be visible (the bloom of the light could add to the dreamy atmosphere).

On a technical side, any chance you could share the shader for the truck?

You can add dust to it to make it more realistic. Checkout Andrew’s tutorial: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmrCoGj9m2Y

Thanks for the feedback! That’s the exact type of atmosphere I was going for, glad you like it!

I’d be happy to share my shaders. I’ll do a little de-cluttering and add some annotation as it is quite complex (my specialty :D), then I’ll upload it.

Thanks for the suggestion! I actually am using my own variation on that method for dust already. But now that you mention it it does look more apparent if you look at the original non-painted version. I’ll try cranking the effect up on the painted parts. Thanks for pointing that out!

Great, I’d appreciate that.

Here is a screenshot of the nodes for the truck’s shader:

You can download the .blend file here:
truckShader.blend (3.39 MB)
This shader (and the grunge texture I made) are licensed CC-BY by me. Use/modify it for whatever you like, just give credit to me if it’s not too inconvenient.

I am using BlenderDiplom’s Cycles material test ball.

Unfortunately due to license issues I can’t include the textures directly in the file. However you can download them all for free here:






This one was made by Andrew Price, you have to download it with a couple others in a .zip from the link in the above tutorial.

This texture is homemade by me, I’ll include it to download for free! (I had to convert it to .jpg and scale it down to fit to upload.)


Very nice!

Wow, thanks a lot for sharing a blend! That’s badass, I wasn’t expected it! :RocknRoll: Will study the shader carefully.

awesome truck.


Thanks for all the encouragements and suggestions guys, they are all greatly appreciated!

This project is just about done, I am just putting the finishing touches on it. I’ve added a steering wheel, tweaked the post a little, and rendered it in two different colors. Which do you prefer?

Please continue sharing your thoughts and comments, I love hearing what you have to say!

Both color variations are looking great. Keep it up!

Personally I prefer the first version with greenish truck (though they both are good). It nicely pops up the background. Great work!

I like both versions too. The green one has a little contrast going for it, which, perhaps, makes it stand out a little more, but the red one also works for a more limited color palette.

I agree with grady, a red object and small variation of color really aids in the nostalgic feel that this image has.Keep up the good work PG.

This is beautiful!