older blenner

Will ollder blender versions work with the new version? And can I have two versions of blender on my pc at once?

i have 3 2.25,2.33a,2.34 and they all work fine for me

You can have as many versions of blender running on your machine as you want and they will all read the files no problem. Only problem you will have is if you go backwards, ( i.e. 2.34 to 2.25). It will still open the file, but newer features will be missing, of course.


what the f*ck is ths .torrent crap ? where’s the us version? it just says :


yep, those are each different links

if you click on the torrent [and have a bittorrent client installed] it will be downloaded from other users who have downloaded part or all of it. for somthing the size of blender (4Mb) I don’t think it is necescary.

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 yeah.... i dont have that client & i cant find the us version...
 yeah.... i dont have that client & i cant find the us version...[/quote]

There’s no US “version”, those are only mirrors, pick whichever you want, they’re all the same.