Older releses section on Blender.org does not work

I need to download older release (2.67b Linux 64) but that section on Blender.org does not work. Can anyone confirm this?


From Dan McGrath on the Bf-committers mailing list

07:17 (6 hours ago)

to Blender3d.org, bf-blender

Just a heads up that the download server (where releases are hosted) we be
going down for maintenance in a bit. Should be down for a few hours.


This probably includes old releases since they are also hosted on download.blender.org

Any chance someone has that version to share :smiley: ?

same message also on bf-webcontent

@@SreckoMicic nope but you could search here for some alternatives meanwhile… here http://graphicall.org/linux/64bit/blender ?


It should be up now