Oldest animation was an FX show

Were cavemen into animation?


That’s an interesting theory that seems to hold water. Fascinating to think that their thinking and drawing skills were so advanced. Some evidence of a presentation method or of a “viewer” of some sort for the cave paintings, and not just a flickering flame concept would wrap it up tight.

From one of the discoverers of the ancient thaumatropes in English or in original French.

I like some of the comments on ancient flame wars and Hollywood working on the remake.

If people back then really were sophisticated enough to pull off something like that, then that might show that they were a lot more than simple save dwellers that grunted at each other. This is only one of many discoveries showing that man in ancient times were more advanced and had more knowledge than we think, this is the same site that talked about the world’s oldest door found in Europe which was reported a year or so ago (more than 5000 years old)

I think it is a good website address. Thank you.

Ancient people were a pretty sharp lot. I think what truly separates us from other animals, is not the tools we made or the resources we have found, but how we teach our children. No other animal is as social. No other animal has an agenda of subjects to be covered, no other animal tells stories. No other animal runs simulations. It’s a pretty amazing adaptation when you think about it.

It gives me a shivering down the spine to think that man has about 5000 years of recorded written history and about 25000 years (5 times that) before that point of mostly blank history. How many peoples, cultures and perhaps civilizations may have existed in that time frame?

It worries me that the “ancient greeks” themselves were unware of their own past in the Bronze Age from about 300 years before Homer… will anyone remember our lost digital culture and flamewars 1000 years from now?

Great find, Artkansas!
I guess it’s too late to critique the animation…