Oldie but Goldie - Defly

Today I found Defly again on my harddisk.

Quotes from Konstantins Homepage.

“Even though Octane has a built-in noise reduction (that seems to be based on principle explained here)
it’s sometimes useful to be able to do filtering independently from rendering,
to avoid lost details during animation or re-rendering animation,”

“Konstantins Visnevskis, 04-06-14 17:11:
… Anyhow, I’m wondering, why something like this still is not implemented in Blender.
The principle is really simple.”

Okay, as a Non-Programmer I don’t think it’s really simple, but
maybe a developer can contact Konstantins.

I think this can be achieved with the compositor as well (so it can be cross platform.) … actually, if you render to exr format, you could clip super bright pixels out with a math node and set alpha, then blur shift a couple copies of the image around by a pixel are two till all the holes are filled in. this would not work if a super bright source filled many pixels, but maybe those areas are masked out.

I saw this technique in use… hmmm, I think it was CG Cookie?

You have misunderstood me.
I am thinking of integration into Blender!
(Something like clamp.)
So I wrote “…maybe a developer can contact Konstantins.”