OldSchool Saucer Ship

While I was rethinking how do re-de my other project (the USS starship) I figured Id try something a little easier. So I’m doing an old school saucer. Its also intended to be rendered in indigo, but I wanna get the model better than it is now before I start using indigo because it takes a crap load of time.

Anyway heres the first render :

Saucer 1280x800
Saucer (more light)
Saucer wire (front)
Saucer wire (top)


P.S: If youre wondering why its 1280x800 thats because its my laptop’s screen resolution and I’m planning to use it as a background when I’m done with this project.

More lights please. If you want C&C give us some ortho renders with wires.

Ok, addded one render with more light and 2 wireframe (top and front)

I think the dome should be bigger but not in height. I think the legs should be smaller thinner and silvery metal. Add a drawbridge would nice.