Hi, this is a “mix of things” test, if you like tell me if you don`t like tell me aniways.

P.d Sorry for my English :wink:



Very kewl, thou tha AO quality could be better and maybe some finetune for gigarillo smoke.

But very original style and the monkey skin is good.

jarkkopoika: Thanks for the comments, i glad you like maybe i`m gonna change this litlle old monkey, but i like the AO grain :slight_smile: , also i think this is the grandfather of Suzanne :stuck_out_tongue:


nice job… i really like the style!

  1. maybe try to make the smoke look natural… it should roughly come out of the entire the cigar… (maybe make a circle with like… 32 verts…or howevermany, put some particle deflection on the cigar and put the circle around the base of the “cherry”… that should make it look more natural…i hope…lol)

  2. i reaaaally like the skin texture, great job on that… maybe give him some eyes and do an entire body, this could be a really nice character!

Great jorb… i like it

Sooo nice :smiley:
I think his skin is a bit to shiny and the smoke (as said earlier) isn’t look completly real, but it’s a very nice pic!

n33kos:Hi, thanks for the reply and now…

1:Say thanks to some god, that i finally put the smoke :smiley: , i don`t like it either, but take me 5 min to setup and test, and this image are too much teeeeeeeeestsssss, :x .
Maybe gonna change smoke, just maybe OK :stuck_out_tongue: .

2:Thanks for that men, i took me 3 hours of manual unwrap and 2 hours in photoshop, so…TAHNKS :smiley:

[Kothe]: I think that the skin is a piece of sh…, but maybe i gonna retouch the texture, thanks aniways. :wink:

Wow, that’s cool man. Very cool character.

Roger:yep it`s Cool and Old, and he says HELLO?


i think… [>] … :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, looks great :slight_smile: are you gonna add some eyes?

Job: thanks, lets see, he is BLIND :o , don`t see, no eyes, gotcha? :wink:

It`s all about style man…

I`m gonna modify him, maybe… 8)

oops hehe

Job, no problem he DON`T SEE YOU :stuck_out_tongue:

amazing! :wink:
i try to make a cigar too but i cant make a good shader…
can you explain the shader of the cigar?
thanks :wink:

stouckol: thanks!!!, about the cigar let`s see :o , for the tabacco leaf i use:

a marble texture, mapped to Nor (for a litlle bump) and color, the burn and the fire parts are the same texture, clouds mapped to Col,Nor, alpha, and with a litlle emit value for the “glow” ;except the color of the texture one is black and grey and the other is black and red, that`s all, i hope you understand wat i tell you, my english sucks :wink: