OLED's edging much closer to reality, can now emit white light


Seems all the research is paying off, the problem with the blue part of white OLED’s has been overcome and now the only major hurdle left is to find a way to protect it from moisture, once there it’s set to take off to make the lightbulb obsolete and make things from flexible displays to making anything a light a reality. They also think that they’ll be 100% efficient once perfected.:wink:

don’t some MP3 players already have OLED displays?

I dont think they do.

If i’m correct, there are two emerging technologies for displays; OLED and SED. None of them are due to till around 2007?

I havn’t read much on the OLED but I’ve been following SED because it seemed far more advanced.

I did a quick lookup on SED’s and can’t seem to find applications like flexible screens and displays or lights on anything like walls. Only thing I saw was rigid displays.

Plus they’ve also made OLED’s transparent so you can use them in windows.

It says it has an OLED display.

But the goal with OLED’s is flexible displays, and there was historically a problem with the blue component burning out too quickly. Sure they know how to keep moisture out in rigid displays but flexible displays is another challenge.

yay another OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) supporter. I’ve been keeping an eye on the oled for quite a while and oled have indeed been out. it is just a bit hard to hear about it and stuffs. Personally i think TOLED (Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode) has some of the best potential when combined with many other things such as a car windsheild. Imagine driving on a backroad and trying to find a way out to a interstate, you voice your GPS on and tell it to guid you to that interstate. the GPS turns on the windsheild GPS and 2 cam will keep track of your facial motion so it can line up the display with the road properly. from a driver perspective, the road itself would look like a pulsing orange (or whatever color u want) line with the distance info on the very front of the road and stuffs. Oled are also considered the best technology for incorpoating displays onto clothes and stuffs. imagine wearing a coat that you could download a clip made in Blender3D to the coat and advertise that u made the clip and it was made by Blender3D. at least that what i would do. well the clip could be displayed like some of those big pics or graphic on the front or back of the clothes. or for example a camoflague clothing for a paintball game and whatever u want.

There are many products with OLEDs already…mp3 players, cell phones, PDAs…but they’re all not made to be active like 8 hours or longer a day, and most are rather small, if not tiny. As i understand the article is only about increased lifetime and brightness of new inventions so it can be used as light source rather than “only” as display…

Do you have any idea what a MUCH happier person I would be if I could have sunlight any time of the night! Mmmmmm…