OLGA - Female sculpting basemesh/mannequin

Female basemesh of various body proportions.

Bodyparts are intentionally left separate. Sculpt each bodypart until desired shape, merge parts and remesh before detailing.

The .blend contains 4 scenes (containing preteen, adolescent, adult and model. I intend to add more variants in the future). All models have a basic rig with leg IK, for rough posing. Disclaimer : I´m not a good rigger, you´re welcome to fix/improve them :slight_smile:

OLGA_V1.2.blend (4.3 MB)
OLEG_v1.1.blend (4.2 MB)

Proportions are supposed to be slightly stylized/cartoony.

Hope you have some use for it, and although I call this version 1.0, it´s still very much WIP and I appreciate any constructive criticism/advice.

Edit: Uploaded v1.1 with adjustments to shoulders and kneejoints. Cleared parents, and re-did all rigging, to make sure every transform was applied beforehand.

Edit 2: Uploaded first version of male basemesh

Edit 3: Silly quickpose for fun. I will make a better one, after I improve the rig :slight_smile:

Edit 4: Slight alterations to meshes, and now includes eyeballs (hidden, along with the armature, press alt+h to unhide)


I did some improvements but messed up the screenshot:P Here´s the .blend. Inlcudes standard, tall and adolescent proportions (in separate scenes :slight_smile:

Edit 2: even more refinement


Oh cool… thanks.

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Uploading my final revision for now. Still want to address the shoulders, but I also want to start working on the male counterpart. Learning as i go along. First post updated with screenshot of latest revision.


This would be a really great mannequin for testing various poses if rigged.
For sculpting, if wanting to sculpt each part individually, this would also be great.
It looks like the parts are disconnected, which may be an issue for sculpting contiguously. This may be your intent.

It has a great stylistic look and feel to it.

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if you press alt-H you will see a basic initial armature, with leg IK working :slight_smile: I just haven´t gotten around to rigging the mannequin, because I wanted to finish the mesh first. And yes, the parts are disconnected, because I want to be able to sculpt each part individually before I merge them and remesh the unified model.

I will try to post a rigged version by tomorrow.

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very nice =)

Started a rough reproporioning of the mannequin to male proportions. Males are usually about half a head taller than females, so I used the adult female model and tried to make it an adolescent male. Feel free to point out obvious mistakes. Just a rough edit so far though. Basically wider shoulders, ribcage and waist, narrower hips.

Haven´t got around to rigging yet, been refining the female meshes, and started the male set. Still a bit of tweaking to do, especially the child meshes.

Ok, I had to stop tweaking. Version 1 posted in original post. Rigging was done late at night, with the help of an excessive amount of caffeine, so I´m sure I f¤#"ed up somewhere :slight_smile:

This was a good, but arduous experience, and I made dumb workflow choices along the way. But hey, that´s how you learn, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here´s the first version of Oleg, the male basemesh
OLEG_v1.0.blend (3.9 MB)

These are neat - thank you!

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So I got bored and did a quickpose with these mannequins :slight_smile:

Highlighted some issues but will fix those eventually :slight_smile:

Currently going through the Blender Encyclopedia on Udemy to finally improve my Blender skills. Highly recommended!

I´ve updated the first post with the newest revisions of both Olga and Oleg. Slight alterations to meshes, and now includes eyeballs (hidden, along with the armature, press alt+h to unhide)