Olive Tree

Just playing with a tree in blender. Critics are welcome.
I 'll try to make it bonsai in the near future.

would you like to share us your blend file. i have a similar scene (grass and a tree) on www.facebook.com/Grafician3D but not that awesome.

I`d love to see a bonsai. :slight_smile:
It looks too simple though… not much like a finished project.
You could make a bonsai look like a finish one cause it is small so you could get away for the env with lots of dof.

“olive tree” interesting title for a thread.
I should expect someone from spain, italy, greece, mostly.
The leaves look wonderful. The trunk-branches looks OK for someone who didn’t spent years trying to sketch such beautiful trees.
Almost there, it needs really fine sculpting though. And, possibly, a more rocky background.
I really love what you succeeded by any aspect. Excellent
So, how did you model it? (I tried olive trees a few times in the past via tree generator - instancing trick for the leaves)