Olives in a jar - cycles test render

Hello there!

This is a quick test I made with the blender cycles build. I really loved the renderer!
This scene took me about 3 hours to complete.

C&C are welcome!

you can download the scene from here:


Toman Kirilov


great! the olives need a bit more specular tho…

Glossyness, you mean :stuck_out_tongue:
Cycles has no specularity.

Hi Toman,

Good job. I love it. As I am newbie, I just want to ask how you put olives into the jar. Or I want to know which tool you did use.
thanks in advance.


Check out this tutorial. It’s pretty much the way i did it.

Nice. I miss there a shadow and a small sharpen in the post production will be also good.

Awesome, how did you get the some of the olives to look like they were sticking to the jar?

Olives are suppose to be green

That’s an awesome render!

May I ask how you made the darker areas of the olives that are touching the glass?

I hope I worded the question correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree that the olives need to look a bit odd but, other than that, it’s a seriously cool render… especially, as gat19g pointed out, the way the olives appear to be sticking to the inside of the jar…

Thank you for the answers. I know the olives look a bit odd, but it was a test render and have no intentions of fixing it for now. Probably ill try to make the olives make a little better later.
The main goal of this render was to test cycles’ render abilities and i am more then happy with the result! Cycles is fast, intuitive and very interactive! I encourage you to test it!

As for the dark parts of the olives - it was a happy coincidence. I have no idea how it happened, but it looks cool :smiley:
Check the .blend file. I hope it will help you understand it better then i can explain :smiley:

PS. sorry for my crappy english