"Olvidensen" 08 - Yaf(a)ray Livingroom

This image was rendered wit Yaf(a)ray 196 in 1:30 hours.
Photonmapping + Final gathering + AO.


i’ve gotta say wow!!! very impressive!
is it possible to produce such results with yafray? i know it’s also possible to do that in indigo, but it’s too slow for me! besides, there’s a lot of material tweaking before things can go well.

is it possible to produce such results with yafray?
…or is it equally easy?

Wow, that looks amazing!

If you hadn’t said, I would have thought it was Indigo. Looks like Yaf(a)ray is really moving up. I really need to learn it…

But I have to ask, how well does Yaf(a)ray integrate with Blender?

What’s the diference between Yaf(a)ray and YAFRAY…and where can I download it…
Lovely pic…looks like indigo.

Everything looks great, except the carpet…play some more with strands , to change the thickness of the particals.

very good job, now that it’s mentioned, the carpet is a little off,
but hey that’s a small thing wrong in an otherwise great render.
i love the shoes on the floor, nice touch.

wow…how much of the outdoor view is modeled?

It looks wonderful. The only really bad thing is the rug. Its obviously a particle mat growing directly out of the floor. I would suggest making a very shallow bevelled plane on the floor so that it appears that the rug fibres are coming out of a mat.

Apart from that, it looks wonderful.

Yeah, I’ve got to get some Yafaray going as well.

very pro work.maybe add small objects on table,some paintings,vase etc to give a more occupied feel.

Wow, nice materials and lighting. The shoes would be better placed to the left, by the back corner of the couch IMO, but that’s nitpicking.

Very nice, but the picture you used for the outside is a bit undersaturated for my liking.

i see some artefacts at the rights most side of the picture where the wall meets the floor under the painting…i think it should be fairly easy to take care of it, just gimp or photoshop it out…great work overall…That’s actually indigo quality, and for achieving that with a biased renderer…hats off…5 *****

the background doesnt seem to line with the dimensions of the house…

garuhh: trial and error… :wink:
hobo joe and tcrazy: here is the link to yaf(a)ray:
Thank you all, the rug was modificated :wink: thanks for comments and try Yaf(a)ray.

Moved to the gallery.


Congratulations on making it to the gallery! :slight_smile: I also see this as a boon towards yafaray :slight_smile:

Nice!Is the backround outside a real photo or made in blender?Total how long did it take from basic shapes to final render?:slight_smile:

Really Nice, I wish i would there.

it seems you have some problems, but I’m willing to bet you could pass this off as real and that’s a major accomplishment to me… congrats it’s beautiful and very well done! wish I lived there… :smiley:

Is a photo in the background.
The time…mmm, i dont remember, usually some hours.