Olympics inspired...

…sorta. I’m also on a ring kick for some ungodly reason. Anyhow.



You could probably use Yafray for that it’ll look better with it’s ability to make caustics.

The materials look fine even if I’d personally set the Hard for the Spec a little more harder.

It seems that you use some sort of AngMap, do you? Reflections on the rings are a bitt off, because the rings are in a room and the reflections seem to be of a sky. Not a big deal, though, the pic is nice.

I’m not sure, but I think Caustics only effect translucent objects? Since these are metalic, I don’t think caustics would effect it much… mabey I’m wrong though. I agree with olivS that the gold and silver rings seem a bit soft, but I think the bronze looks really good, mabey harden it up just a little.

Overall, nice piece! I’m a reflections guy so I think it would be fun to mabey have an environment map for the rings, and a little reflection of the rings off the tray shelf their in :slight_smile: but thats just me.

Caustics can occur from a highly reflective surface as well. If you had a concave mirror, light will get focused at a certain point after reflection.


If image didn’t work, try clicking following link:

[Edit] The image is from Henrik Wann Jensen’s site; the guy who wrote up the theory on photon mapping for caustics.

very nice dude , i hope i dont get bronze if i compete :stuck_out_tongue: ill get gold!!!