OMA Amplifiers (Glass problem)

Hello, blender people!

I’ve been working on thins OMA METAMORPHOSIS RACK SYSTEM reciently. It is almost ready except tubes (lamps). All materials are made proceduraly in blender. The problem is glass however. I’ve Been thinking about using Substance Painter to texture tubes (as im planning on to doing some close-up shots)
So I want to ask mabe someone knows some tricks to do a nice looking glass, with dust, smuges and scratches on it, or have seen some nice tutorials on that matter?

depends are you doing a real 3d model for the tubes
or just an UV image ?

I can show some cycles glass if did for some tubes 3D

see the first 10 post in this thread showing some tubes !

do you have good high res image for these tubes that you can show us ?

see this thread on glass PBR here

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Hello!! Thanks for reply!

I did tubes in 3d entirely, models are almost ready, so next step is to make glass feel real and natural.

I don’t really have hi-res pics of this tubes with me right now :(. I can show them in a few days time , as I’m away from home right now.

I’ll check out that thread of yours

here are some threads on tubes

Colossus 1 tube computer

IBM 360

NIXIE tubes

and here is a good video tut on scratches for glass

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Oh i guess, i saw a film about that computer, quite fascinating story though!

Yeah, great suggestions, i need some markings on glass ass well, as tubes will look much more natural with those signs on them. I was also thinking not only about grunge maps/textures but also about creating a particle system for scattering some small particles of dust here and there.

Anyways a huge thanks for suggestions, i will try them out next week as i was out of town during these two days.

About the filament… i just eyeballed it. It was a test render, so i did nothing with image itself.

Perhaps photos of tubes i used will tell more:

for the first photo with bright filament

difficult to do in Cycles without using the compositor
but possible in EEVEE

anyway start doing some modelling then we can talk later on as you progress

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I actually kanda finished the whole thing, and made a test render with some simple textures created in SP, but it looks like crap. Probably as lamps are not that smudgy.

look may depends on many factor
HDRI for world which creates some glass reflections
glass set up
render set up
is this going to be a dark world render
cause other objects might be too difficult to see

did you use thick glass with solidify or just one layer ?

show us nodes set up ?

did you follow the tut video given
has nice example for adding dirt or watermark on the glass

have you look at the given threads as examples of glass I did
anything you like ?

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