Omega Advert

Was playing around with 2.8 today, pretty happy with my render. :slight_smile:

Eevee does not like my leather material though :confused:

This is certainly a delightful wristwatch model, and a well-simulated ad.

Now, as you’re fine-tuning this render, be sure to look at lots of similar real-life watch advertisements. (In the real world, there are still photographic specialists who do nothing but “chrome.”)

Take careful note of the color of the light, the exact way that the presence of the crystal is handled, and the slight-but-deliberate asymmetry of the lighting. (Also, frankly, watch for “retouching,” and don’t feel that you’re doing anything “illegitimate” if you do the same. As long as “The Almighty Product™” winds up looking “irresistibly sexy,” anything is fair play.)