Omega, getting better here. :) (Starship)

(A2597) #1

Here are all the WiP pics so far:
(Oldest to newest)

(see image 12 before commenting please, as it’s the most recent)

Comments PLEASE! :slight_smile:

(LohnS) #2


i wish i was that good at mechanical modelling, you have a gift A2597, great work, cna’t wait to see it finished.

(shibbydude) #3

Do my eyes deceive me? is that radiosity render? I like it. Nice lighting and modeling skills!

(SeaCigar) #4

:smiley: Wow. I really like it! The great thing about it is, I can see something like this actually existing! I’ve seen ships of all sizes, but this one looks…practical, if you will, like its unique shape actually serves a purpose, like most real spaceships do. Radiosity, hmm… Ill have to set something up to see how that style of lighting could help my images…

(A2597) #5

No, just two spotlights. :slight_smile: