omfg... this isn't a joke.

:o OMG that’s really funny.

No, that’s rather sad.
Not quite as pathetic as the other guy saying that Kerry looked french though.


Man, politics piss me off sometimes

what else could I say…it’s sad…very sad

If the product is genuine, then the advertising campaign is certainly in very poor taste. Nothing about this grievous situation should be employed to sell jellied tomato juice.

what “grevious situation”?
It’s just trying to keep Mrs HEINZ-Kerry from getting any more money to spend on anti-bush activism.
I thinks it’s brilliant!

I would be interested to find out how this stuff sells. I would personally find it hilarious if it was effective. :smiley:

Doesnt seem like it would be genuine. I cant think of a worse or more random way to spend money…

Of course if it wasd real AND effective, then i would have to say “props Bush”


Ketchup with a nasty taste… I don’t believe this is real … they won’t waste money like that …

Only in America would they make ketchup a political statement.

Just goes to show what the current state of affairs is like in the U.S.

Very sad indeed.


LOL, you guys are only pissed off because it’s Bush, you could care less if it were K Ketchup, or J Ketchup.

It’s just a joke you guys…a joke.

A portion of every sale is donated to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for the children of active duty service members killed in the line of duty.

How’s that “sad”?

It’s called a gimmick, politicions have been doing this for many many years, why get so upset over it now? Besides, this probably isn’t even done by Bush himself. If it were for anyone else you guys wouldn’t give flying u-know-what about it. But the man you guys hate the most, so you obsess over every little thing.

Is this “sad” too, or is it execusable because it’s for a “good” cause?

Beauty is in the eye of beholder, idiocy I guess, is too.

BTW- what would you say if this were “art to shock”???

Patriotism = tribalism = this is more just more propoganda.

The cunning with which this site is designed frightens me. The subtlety with which conservative values are espoused is masterful.

I always find it ironic when the right wing tries to tell the average guy that it cares about him/her (we’re donating this to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund) while actually doing nothing of the sort. They are masters of misdirection.

No. This is just another part of the right wing conspiracy. Not some super duper secret amazing conspiracty–just the fact that power groups tend to be conservative, and sometimes act together to further their own ends.

The right wing aims to benefit the rich. To shift power to the rich. Their power is in misdirection and miseducation.


Cheers :P,


Odd how your arguement is chock full of typical excuses, arguements and stereotypes that assume a conspiracy behind everything.

I consider myself a Republitarian, I activly converse with people you claim are running a “conspiracy”, and I can attest and affirm that there isn’t some grand conspiracy.

the fact that power groups tend to be conservative


That’s blatantly untrue.

At least they haven’t (exactly) politicized salsa yet. (Crap, what did I say that for? %| )

Hmm, I wonder if someone should inform them that the 57 Heinz varieties refers to a favorite number of the company’s proprietor rather than the number of ketchup varieties. Of course, they seem to prefer ignorance anyway.

That’s blatantly untrue.[/quote]

You’re right, I did overgeneralize way too much with that statement.

How can you say yours is not? In a past thread of this kind (Uh oh, LOL) I posted numberous links to information corroborating what I was saying. I’ve yet to see such evidence from you.

If you truly believe that the Bush administration and corporate society has the welfare of the average citizen in mind then I advise you to take a look at alternative media (anything other than fox news LOL (j/k ;)).

This is blatantly untrue. I never said anything of the sort. Another way of putting it is that certain powerful groups find it mutually beneficial to help each other in certain ways, which results in a kind of conspiracy.

I guess the word conspiracy is kind of loaded–any time it is sounded people immediately start thinking infinite power and cloak and dagger LOL :P.



Has anyone ever actually seen this ketchup being sold? Has anyone ever bought any of this ketchup? Does anyone here even know what the actual connection is between this ketchup and bush?

Dittohead summed it up nicely when he said that you guys are flipping a shit because its bush related. Completely true weather you choose to admit it or not. Of course the later is far more likely :wink:

This is trying to refute a critique of the ketchup by making the critiquers look bad: “they don’t have a valid critique, they’re just prejudiced.”

Your statement of the critique as a prejudice appears as a prejudice :P.

Dittohead, on the other hand, provided a valid example of the other end of the spectrum of propoganda consumerism, as a critique on these critiques.



Heh. Only in the US of A.

I feel so embarressed.


I can believe I fell for it. You b01c are far far too inteligent to spit out even rehashed far-left propaganda dribble like that, you did it more as a joke (albeit poorly though out) or even trollbait. Well it worked.


You really do believe it and I can’t help you. Since whether you think it’s a large conspiracy or bunch of small “power organazations” you still think they are intrinsically evil. I certainly don’t think most people on the left are out to screw me, in fact I think most of them have my welfare in mind, though the way they are trying to help me is IMO wrong and unworkable I would never think them evil, or doing it for there own gain etc.

If you’re going to toss around molotov cocktails like that, attempting to demonize anyone who you disagree with you won’t get very far.

That is prejudice.

Again, idiocy is in the eye of beholder.