Blender Developers,

I wanted to express my extreme gratitude for all the hard work the developers have done. I’m incredibly impressed with the additions to 2.35. I’d been away from the forums for a while so I didn’t realize a new version had come out. I played with it for 15 minutes or so before I felt compelled to write this message! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! You guys are awsome! Thanks for helping blender more efficiently meet the needs of its users! Thanks for fully integrating Yafray into Blender! Thanks for face and edge selection! I can’t even express how awsome I think this is… so to conclude, I’d just like to say thank you. :smiley:

You have a point, we should all thank the blender developers, the release log for 2.35 is the biggest yet for any blender version. I’m already optimistic on what 2.36 will bring.

Yes, indeed, a toast to the developers!
I blended a wineglass, but the wine I put inside it looked awful :slight_smile:

And to Kansas_15, I hear rumors that softbody meshes may be making their way into the next release. Let’s hope so :wink:

Yeah, well done Dev team, your contributions to blender have been outstanding of late, and the new stuff you are putting in is Sh*t hot as well.

My avator is a good indicator of how pleased I am with the direction blender is taking :wink:

the new tools are blend-o-riffic!

They are already here. :slight_smile:
Rename the Object so that the name begins with “Soft” :slight_smile:

but as far as i know you cannot realy do a lot with them yet. but cause the base code seems to be in blender already for the next version it might be included. i also hope for the next version the cloth system and the distributed raytracing algo will make itinto blender.

also imo the particle system needs some mroe forces!


I too have to say hats off to the dev team. I had been away from Blender for almost a year (wasting my time with Maya), and I returned last week to see…WHOA! The undo feature alone was a shock. I know that may make users of other modelers chuckle, but it’s little things like this that count to me. Having worked with Maya as I was, the outliner is definitely welcome, as it was one of the more useful tools in Maya as well.

And of course it goes on and on, but I just wanted to add to the roster here that the dev team has done an incredible job on Blender. Thanks so much!

Seems to me we should have a WC dedicated to the Devs. :wink: I bet it would be the most popular WC yet lol.

Honestly though, with the new selection tools, UV mapping tools, mesh editing tools, material and rendering improvements, Blender feels so much more powerful.


124.85 % more powerful to be exact. The undo system was a much needed addition. The face and edge select modes just add to Blender’s greatness. Again, even though we don’t have to pay for Blender, if you have 10 bucks laying around, I would encourage you to paypal it over to them. I know they have that big grant now, but every little bit helps, and this program is sooooooooooo incredibly cool, we need to keep it going

for EVER, FOR EVER, FOR EVe… -The Sandlot

well, as you know, i am a COMPLETE n00b to blender…

but even I can tell that the dev team has been INCREDIBLE and has made significant progress on blender…

so, what now for 2.36…?

for EVER, FOR EVER, FOR EVe… -The Sandlot

…Great movie…


First of all, I really really agree with the fact that the Blender developers RULE and that they made a awsome program.

Perhaps we should do something back to them so that they know how much we appreciate there effort. Should we all make one very beautifull picture where all the blender lovers can help making or so?

Ideas anyone?