Omg it's the chupacabra!!!

Check this out OMG!!! :eek:

(lolz probably just a fox or wolf with a severe case of the mange like every other one according to scientist)

did u see that thing, damm texas people lost their noodle,
its proberly his dog.

damn I thought you were talking 'bout an estonian band,
not quite one hit more like 2 hit wonder but still,
that was a bit of nostalgia. :slight_smile:

What a bummer it was found by that redneck who just plans to mount it as a conversation piece.

Hahahah… That is so true. :smiley:

Sorry dude… :o

wow, well, now it’s just going to be in a showcase :confused:

Anderson Cooper isn’t even slightly convinced, check this out:

pretty funny clip.

it looks like someone left thier dog out in the sun to long. :frowning: