OMG Weirdhat!?!?

Anybody here watch The Colbert Report?

Even if you don’t, you might note that Stephen Colbert recently filmed himself in front of a greenscreen with a lightsaber (

Anyhoo, Stephen challenged his viewers to add CG effects to this clip and submit it at, his official fansite. The past few nights, he has shown some of the submissions people have sent him. Tonight’s clip blew me away. And I was surprised to hear Colbert say that it was created by a certain WeirdHat! Now, WeirdHat sounds familiar to me from these forums, but also and especially for a live action-CG composition tutorial availiable at

So, if you’re here at the forums, WeirdHat, congrats on the airing of your clip! Great work! I loved the monster and his choreography.

Oh man, that was awesome.

Yeah i saw that too and was wondering if Weirdhat was going to try it.

FYI - Here’s the link for Colbert ifd you want to try to make one your self.

WeirdHat, was it you?

Yeah. Do you know any other WeirdHats who are CG artists?

are you gonna post that video on your site?
i’d really like to download it so i can watch it at my leisure.
once again, congrats!

Hey Weirdhat,


I thought that was you. I may have it saved on my DVR I’ll see if I can somehow post a copy.

They’ve posted the videos on the website. Same link as above.

Great stuff Weirdhat!

LOL well done weirdhat :wink:

Great stuff and congrats WeirdHat!!

Frontpaged on Youtube.

Congrats, good job.

It’s sweeeeeet :smiley:

Congrats! :slight_smile:


wow…the more times I watch your clip, WeirdHat, the more I like it! I’ve been working on an entry of my own for the past few days, but after seeing yours, I doubt I stand a chance! Oh well, I’ll finish it and enter anyways, even if just for the experience!

amazing stuff, what kind of stuff do you use to make somthing like this (besides the orginal green screen video)? any of it blender?

i saw the show and thought, no way anyone would be able to use the green screen video to make anything decent…haha…i’m a fool!

I saw that and was wondering the same thing… I was like “BlenderArtist’s weirdhat?? No way!”

Turns out it was you. Great job! I never thought I would see some blender magic on screen = )

i watched that show just to see the clip on tv :slight_smile:

its just too bad they put it at the end of the show :cool:

congrats weirdhat!

Wow, great work WeirdHat!

Good job, man!

Hats off to you WeirdHat. I was watching the Colbert Report when I heard your name and watched your animation. It was awsome.

That’s one of the things you gotta love about this forum, it has people whos work you’ll see on tv or in a magazine.