Omitting and managing redundant (looping) frames within an animation sequence

Is there a way to mute frames out, that is exclude them, from an animation render?
I have parts of my animation sequence that loop and I don’t want to waste time rendering identical frames in those segments.

And managing reusable loop segments would be easier if I could assign a frame naming schema for a span of frames like:



That way when I drop them onto the Video Sequence Editor I’ll know what’s what.

If anyone can advise on either of these two interconnected topics I’d be grateful. :eyebrowlift:

In the output panel of the render tab in the properties window, you can input a filename in the same field that shows the folder. Just type in what you want the file name to be. The frame numbers will be automatically appended (just nnnn, not ‘Framennnn’).

You can set the start and stop frame for a particular segment in the dimensions panel. You don’t ‘mute’ certain frames, you simply don’t include them in the segments you do render.

Combining this with the file names should give you what you need for the Video Sequence Editor.

Thanks. I think what you’re saying is that there is no way to skip ranges of frames, and no way to specify different file naming for ranges of frames. Which is sort of the answer I expected.

I want to let this animation render overnight without having to be around to type in the new base filename.
Since I can’t switch filenames in mid-render I will start looking into batch renaming scripts. And just go through and rename the files after rendering. I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it with AppleScript.

As for skipping certain looped segments I will probably end up just moving the camera to an empty layer during those parts. It won’t reduce the render time to zero, but maybe close. And then I’ll delete the blank frames afterward.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ah, I see. You’re right, Blender does not have that sort of capability built-in. I suspect it would be possible with a python script, though, but I wouldn’t know how to do it.