Omni Human

All Human v1.0 is now available

Here’s a quick demo of the female model.

And below the wireframe

Description? Link? Do i have to know? Can’t even search for this because the words are so general. And i don’t meant any search engine… even here on BA !!! Nothing… The mesh seems interesting (not because of female… because of simplicity).

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It’s relatively a new project, all information will be updated here on blender artist along with other platforms.

The mesh simplicity is good for easy rigging, easy weight painting, easy corrective shape keys, because of the simplicity, it will be easy to morph this female into a more muscular female or a fat one.

Any other additional details such as veins, shredded muscle, skin pores, cellulite, and stretch mark, will be carried out using a normal and a displacement map.

Jiggle Test

  • High Jiggle
  • No Jiggle
  • Mid Jiggle
  • Random

The jiggle intensity can be control using a slider, this will be useful for slow motion where an exaggerated Jiggle is required.

Also this simulation is in realtime.

Non - linear shape key test

The purpose of this test is using this process in rigging the eye.


  • 3 shape keys where created
  • 3 bones where added to drive the shape keys
  • An animation was made using these bones
  • A 4th bone is then used to drive all 3 bones via action constraint
  • And the 4th bone is then animated

Below is the test

And here’s the blend file
Non-Linear Shape Keys.blend (488.9 KB)

Added Eyebrows and Eyelashes.

Object file
Ear.obj (10.9 KB)

Still working on this project.

I’m pretty sure Okidoki was asking about this:

Not where they can learn about it, but where it is available.

If I could make a suggestion for the anatomy: you might want to double check some references of women’s hips. The hip bone looks a little high and it’s sticking out a bit more than looks natural to me. Could be a lighting issue, but she looks a little lumpier there than looks natural. The stomach topology is a little unorthodox as well, and I’m not sure how well that will deform when rigged. Your anatomy and topology otherwise look pretty spot on though. Good work.

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