Omnidirectional Shadowcasting

This is a little test of some omnidirectional shadowcasting that I am working on. I made the models a while ago and just added a reflection/refraction map and dof to make it more realistic. Just want some feedback on how this looks and what improvements could be made. Thanks for your time:

Also, the reflection maps are reflecting trees, so they are not at all accurate, they are just artistic.

Placement to make it more visually appealing
Mainly the glasses
good work…


I agree with snailrose: it needs some context to it. Also, the flame looks a little grainy - maybe increase the halo size a bit (I’m guessing it’s a particle emitter). And the tiles in the background look a little aliased - but now I’m nitpicking :wink: . The picture is great (wish I could do the GI and refraction without cheating in Virtualight! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Great work ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with the above mentioned.
The flame could profit from a spherical halo texture (inner: yellow, outer orange) + x-Alpha, a little transparency and a motion blur.

Thanks, guys. I gather that the flame is the biggest problem next to the placement of objects. Well, its late and I’m going to bed.