Omniversal Human Duplicate

Hello, I’m creating an Omniversal Human, it will contain all body type, age and gender, in here I’ll update my progress.


Did you maybe forget to mention Omniversal human is a derivative of the Manuel Bastioni Lab default female, just with genitalia added? Because those familiar looking and distinctively too long collar bones led me to load up a MB female to double check, and even overlaying the two in photoshop, I can’t find any meaningful differences, besides the genitals.

Whatever your end goal is, you might want to double check if it’s compatible with Manuel Bastioni’s AGPL licensing. Also nipples and genitalia require the nsfw tag.


Thanks for your comment, I believe we are all trying to contribute to the Blender community as much as possible.

As for your concern, no this project will be different, you can make further enquiry when it’s completed or as we proceed, for now that’s just a thumbnail.

As for the nudity, silly me didn’t think CGI character needed to be censored, I mean they are just bunch of vertices and extrusion, oh well, I’ll make adjustment.

Look, I overlayed the two in photoshop, and we can all see they’re clearly the same model. Members of the community who are interested in character creators already know about MB-Lab and will recognize the default female mesh. Gaslighting the community will go over less well than transparency, as people will be more appreciative of contributions that respect the community, not that try to fool it. Remember that Manuel Bastioni is a longstanding member of the community, whose roots go back to the early days of MakeHuman.

It isn’t necessarily a problem that your project is a MB-Lab derivative (I mean, aside from the lack of credit), but if so, you need to remember that your derivative mesh and any of your future users derivatives must remain AGPL even if it is just the model without the MB addon, which is one reason many users avoid MB-Lab models. Even MB-Lab’s new developers don’t want to be shackled to the original models’ licensing forever and are working on incorporating less restrictive meshes.

From the MB-Lab website:

The AGPL can be an obstacle in case someone wants to create a closed source game or closed source 3D models using 3D characters made with MB-Lab because the AGPL will propagate from the base models and from the database to the output models.

If you wish to use someone else’s basemesh uncredited without restrictive AGPL licensing, MakeHuman or another CC0 mesh may be a better choice, legally speaking. Also you didn’t need to remove the image, you just needed to add the tag in the tag options.

However, if you are transparent about your model being an MB-Lab derivative and keep your creation AGPL, you’ll be fine. I would definitely recommend you start by improving the lighting, if that’s an “official” product thumbnail though.

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That’s a lot of information to take in, I’ll be sure to put it into effect as I continue with this project, I appreciate.