Omuni Online Recruiting!!

Hello everyone! I am making an MMO Rpg Called Omuni Online! we use blender for the models and textures and etc. However we are limited with our staff at the moment.

So I am hoping maybe some of you here have free time to join a staff an help us out! :slight_smile:

here is what we need

Texturer (major)



Thanks For reading you can contact me at [email protected] OR Skype: Rjfire1

What’s the payment?

Alright, who’s first? :wink:

@ Rjfire: link to www would be appreciated. And to anything that you have already done. Thank you.

sorry it wouldnt allow me to post it b4! lol

there isnt really any untill we start making an income

It may be useful to you (and anyone else looking to collaborate online) to know that I gave a presentation that relates to this at the last Blender Conference. It was targeted primarily at producing animation, but it’s just as relevant for video game production. (part 1) (part 2)

Can we have a posting form, as seen at ? (makes it mandatory to include reference materials and if none, no post can be made)

@ Rjfire: You gotta have something done, before you ask for help… If you just an “idea man”, no one will help you. You gotta learn an aspect of the trade and put some work into it.

that sounds like a good idea. it should/would greatly reduce trash.

i do have something done!

it wont let me show links :S here wait maybe.

www. youtube .com/omunionline

Found some links regarding this project. The youtube video is a okay demo. (forum) (has a download link for their alpha test)

I’ll keep an eye on this project. Maybe something more will come of it.

nice. So, what is the game about? What engine?

Here is a template that will clarify things:

in the video you see it’s unity3d running it.

Looks like Unity3D from the videos… :confused:

edit: too late because was watching video… :confused: