On a Mac, where is Yafray?

I recently downloaded Yafray, Hooray!

However when I installed it, I can not find a file called yafray… I am thinking maybe it is inside blender or something… Is there any way someone can help me locate where it might be?

yafray does not have a ‘front end’ GUI that the user can look at. However if you go into blender and select yafray as the rendering engine, if should automatically locate yafray and render using it.

I had the same problem on my Macbook.

Usually in windows, the program files folder has a folder called YafRay, But on my Macbook I could not find it anywhere.

I checked the hidden files, application folder, searched, and even checked the contents of Blender itself and found nothing.

The strange thing is, YafRay still works great… so, am I just blind to the magical ways of YafRay?

take a look at this:

YafRay install several files in /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/etc…

Thanks everyone, I found it!

Now. A silly question, is there tutorials, or a manual on how to use this powerfull rendering engine?