On demand Cloud workstation with OpenGL (or Blender on your iPad ;))

Hi All,

I’ve been tinkering with working with desktops in the cloud (on Amazon EC2 specifically) to run Blender/Maya etc and thought people here might find this useful… It’s a script that will set up a cloud desktop with full OpenGL support. Amazon charges about $0.70 an hour to run one of their GPU machines which have NVIDIA GRID K520 cards in. As a bonus you can also log into the machine on an iPad and have blender on the go :wink:

Hey! Thanks for the work, it may come in handy.

Nice setup/way to unplug and access needed compuational resources without being tethered to the desktop - how well does the iPad setup work?

Hey thanks for checking it out! :slight_smile: The ipad setup obviously isn’t ideal (I was working on an ipad mini so the screen gets a bit cluttered). Also it’ll depend on your network connection and VNC client, the one on the desktop is tuned a lot more so it’s slightly more laggy on the ipad.

The cool thing was being able to watch someone editing on a PC from my ipad remotely (and even being able to join in!), I think it could be useful as a remote review tool for dailies or something…

Hi! I would to like share Cloud Desktop I am using now. It gives managed desktops in the cloud with full end-client support, in this manner allowing so as to supplement your internal IT group by allowing them to concentrate on your center business capabilities while they deal with your desktops and end-client needs.