On going 3d short movie

So I was thinking about making a short 3d movie… To improve my experience and perhaps to make a little bit of cash.
So I decided to build a team,
We have a script writer alongside an environmental artist.
We need a character creator
An animator
And some other artists

Money isn’t guaranteed for any of us…our first aim is to build up experience.
Then if our short movie is good enough to make cash.
We’d get it and continue with it

I can’t help but I want to say it is good that you have a writer. Start with a story. A writer can produce a real story and not just ideas. Even a good draft communicates the theme, style, tone, and main features to your team. Your artist’s visualizations will further strengthen that foundation.

I tried to get a team together like this once. Similar situation. Needed a team to do it. For fun but hoped to become more. I had a theme and ideas for a world and stories. People I know IRL or from CG forums were interested. Pro voice actors, pro video editor, amateur animator, skilled CG hobbyists, science advisor, veterinarian for creature design, amateur screenwriter. The main thing that stopped that was I only had ideas. All good people but just ideas was not enough to define the project and motivate them. Might try again someday but only if armed with at least most of a story and better developed theme.

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You also need someone to do storyboards. Without no one will know the many details that go into each scene.

I’d also expect no money for anyone doing any of the jobs. Even big budget things get almost no views when released for free on youtube. If people have to pay lower that number by 100x. You have to be Disney to make money from a film. If you are Disney people will pay to see it even if it’s poop.

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Can you write a story board

Storyboard is about camera shots right? I assume that the script and screenplay is ready. Right?

However storyboards usually are more like UML diagrams, just to point out what the shot is about. They can be created with clip art graphics as well. Other than that you can throw a dozen of assets in a game engine (since their asset stores are full of free material easily accessible) and start taking screenshots there as well.

How can I get to you

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We need voice artists

I learned one thing very painfully but very quickly: “I Can’t Draw!!™” Therefore, “storyboards are out.” Not an option for me.

But, I did discover Blender’s “fast OpenGL render” features … which have evolved very nicely since then … and the idea of "simple geometric shapes, to scale." I found out that I could “pre-visualize” a scene in this way, and then convert it(!) into the real thing if I chose. My powers of imagination have become pretty darned good.

I also learned the value of “lots of film on the cutting-room floor.” (Because the “film” is free.) Very-quickly churn out lots of things, without pausing for breath, and sift through them later. (Just be extremely careful to preserve them exactly, and to ensure that you can identify them!)

Still – I definitely agree that you absolutely must start-and-end your project with story. The latest Blender open-source movie – with not a single spoken word – has an outstanding story, combined with outstanding “visual story-telling.”

Yeah, the rock singers had it right: “We are here now, en - ter - tain us!” We’ve just clicked on your video link, and “you have thirty seconds.” :slight_smile:

Spin "a great tale, well told." As long as you accomplish that, your production-values are entirely up to you. Looking forward to it!

Thanks so much