? on High res tex on a low res uv background.

Hi guys
Was wondering if i have a 4k texture and i use it on a 1024 uv map will it be better or worse than using a 1024 texture on the 1024 uv map. And the reverse if i use a low res texture on a high res uv background will it be worse than if i used ithe low res texture on a low res uv background.

really depends on the image and the mesh and the use ???

for example this is a 4096x2048 texture on a tiny mesh ( with 4k normal-map )

Texture + normalmap
a zoom out , then a zoom in

http://t.imgbox.com/w7Xfyutw.jpg http://t.imgbox.com/R78AsqHI.jpg

mesh and Normalmap, fallowed by JUST the mesh

http://t.imgbox.com/V12I411U.jpg http://t.imgbox.com/INSha675.jpg

What do you mean by a “high res UV background” or a “low res UV map”? UVs don’t have an inherent resolution, UV coordinates are from 0.0-1.0 and they map to whatever image size you assign in the material (you can go outside of the 0-1 bounds if you want repeating textures though, which will let you do things like have a texture with just a few bricks and then map a wall to be covered in bricks)

If you’re asking if you’ll lose quality when you bake a 4k texture into a 1024x texture, then yes, you will end up with a 1024x texture. Similarly if you upscale a 1024x texture into 4k you’ll end up with a very blurry 4k texture.

Hi Cap the question I guess is will the quality be worse if a 4k texture is used on a 1k uv than if you were to use a 1k texture on a 1k uv space.And if you upscale a 1024k texture into 4k will it look worse than if that 1k tex were used on a 1k uv space.

the uv really dose not care about size
( there is no 1k or 4k UV map )

just the poly count for the grid

somethings you will never see a issue , others you will

without an example ???

DO to the HUGE!!! size of a mesh VS a normalmap
i use low poly count meshes and a 4096x2048 normalmap
see the bottom two images in my post above