On licensing Blender forks

It’s sad to see some trying to openly shut down others online-free speech and projects for the sake of “open” source licensing. That’s not really open nor stands for freedom it’s quite an ironic situation isn’t it? :wink:

Absolutely. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the GPL - I prefer more permissive licenses like MIT. But it’s an important conversation to have because there are a lot of people in the community who just use Blender and don’t care or simply don’t know about the licensing or other “nitty-gritty” developer details

Me too
Why is blender not under MIT? did Ton ever talk about that?

Most people don’t care about blender being GPL, if we would run a poll across the actual user community (and not devs) of a question such as '“Would you still love blender if blender was not lisenced GPL” there would be 95% of yes. That’s the truth IMO, users don’t love GPL they love blender. Blender does not represent the success of GPL it represents the success of a free, cool & useful sofware managed by a community of people.

Most people who produce plugins which are under GPL, the most successful ones, operate under that model. The ones who produce one plugin once and expect it to roll in forever… I can’t think of one example of those.

yeah and it’s a miracle that some can actually live off their plugin & continue in their innovation and pursue of concept. thanks to the respectful community i guess. How long will it last before the whole blender entrepreneur ecosystem fall down? Only one guy can destroy everything by sharing all blendermarket addons for free on a new website, that all it takes and everything is dead, not only addon-developpers but tons of people living off this ecosystem such as youtubers and third party websites.

The idea of GPL is that people who use and benefit from work of others will also contribute back to that project. MIT gives full access to any and all just take that work and contribute nothing back.

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We would see tons of new sofwares born thanks to the the main blender structure if it was MIT

Gentle reminder that this discussion is not about which licence it better. Please open a new topic if you feel the need to further discuss that.


Ok sorry i wont pursue the debate further

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