On Mac OS X

I installed blender on my PPC G4, When I lunch the program it starts not allowing the mouse gestures, so I can’t do nothing. I’ve a 3 mouse buttons. It seems that it’s running really slowlly, when I click something it’s like the computer is working for a while and after that nothing hapens. Can’t access none of the menus, and even quit it by the “q” key as usual.

thanks for your help!

What is the OS version, what graphics card + VRam do you have and how much Ram have you got?

I have a 3-button mouse with a G3 700MHz, 16MB Radeon 7500, 384MB Ram and Blender runs just fine.

Also, check your console (not terminal) in applications/utilities and see if you’re getting any output there.

Is your display set to millions of colors? Set it to thousands.

Sometimes major speed and responsiveness problems occur when the Blender window size interferes with the dock. Try resizing your Blender window.

i got a ibook g4, and when i bought it, blender dont runs at all. it give some bad errors displaying stuff and goes really slow… then i just donwloaded some updates from apple and it works fine… right now my os is 10.4 . try this

Hello, thanks for your help. It was usefull. My computer is a 400mhz PPC G4, with 768 mb of memory and ATI 16mb, all under a OS 10.3.5. It worked when I switched the color for millions to thousands. I can’t resize the window, so i don’t know if it was a problem with the doc. If I came back to millions of colors it blocks again. But it seems to work finelly otherwise.

thanks guys!